Integrity Conference 2023

Integrity Conference 2023

Integrity Conference 2023

INTEGRITY CONFERENCE (IC) is Trinity Baptist Church’s (TBC) global annual conference, which focuses on gathering people across the globe and challenging them to new levels of growth in God. As a Church one of our fundamental building blocks is integrity. The vision of the Head Pastor, Rev. Kingsley Appiagyei, is to impact generations with the integrity of God.

Integrity is defined as:

  1. “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”
  2. “The state of being whole and undivided”

Essentially, this conference is about teaching and encouraging people all over the world to experience and live in the wholeness that Christ offers.

Our Theme

Our theme for the year is “The Word”. This theme will serve as a framework for the implementation and smooth running of the Conference.

The Experience and The Message

This year’s Conference will have clear objectives.

  1. Delivering a clear message based on the theme that will center around the nation Ghana, the continent of Africa and beyond.
  2. Creating an experience that is tangible and inclusive for the people.
  3. Ultimately, our mission as a Church will reign paramount during the conference:
    • The Great Commission
    • Transforming Lives
    • Fulfilling Destinies

Every single individual that participates in IC23 either in-person or online, must have an experience of restoration. Our desire is that people feel welcome and connected to the vision of TBC Oasis House at IC23.

Conference Speakers

Conference Highlights

  • Theme
    The Word - James 1:21
  • Dates
    Mon 25 - Sat 30 Sept. 2023
  • Time
    6PM Each Evening
  • Venue
    Trinity Baptist Church, Opposite UPSA

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